Resources for People with Disabilities

Organizations in Utah That Can Help

Utah State Government Resource List

The Utah Department of Services for People with Disabilities (DSPD) is considered the preeminent resource in Utah for parents and other caretakers of people with disabilities.  This is a link with resources that they have collected and believe are helpful ---

Disability Resource Directory

The Utah Parent Center has worked hard to create a resource directory that has a list of every non-profit resource available in Utah that is designed to support those any type of mental challenge, as well as support those who care for them.

Depression & Anxiety

The Arise Society is located next to Utah Valley University (UVU), and is a leading transition center in Utah dedicated to guiding young adults facing challenges such as anxiety, depression, gaming addiction, and failure to launch syndrome. With an emphasis on real-world experiences, The Arise Society offers a harmonious blend of academic, therapeutic, clinical, and social support tailored to the individual needs of each student. Dr. Vaughn Heath runs the program with his team of licensed clinical professionals. Please feel free to reach out to them anytime at

If You Can Think of Other Valuable Resources Let Us Know!

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