Primary Host Home Care & Respite Care for Adults With Disabilities

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For those with DSPD state funding, we offer primary care through our Host Home Family Program and respite for primary caregivers through our Day Support Programs. We also offer Budget Monitoring and Medication Monitoring. To learn more, click below to schedule a free consultation.

Together We Shine LLC; Two Friends Smiling with Special Needs Boy; Day Service Program Providing Respite Care for Caregivers

Day Supports for Individual (DSI)

We facilitate daily and quarter-hour support, supervision, and training for adults with Intellectual Disabilities and ABI. To ensure the health and safety of participants we run these programs with trained staff. We offer community service projects, hands-on interactive activities in the community, and person-centered interest-based community activities.


Together We Shine will always ensures a safe habilitation program that takes place in the community in a structured programmatic setting, other naturally occurring environments, or community setting where people can gather in groups during the day to avoid becoming isolated and participate in and contribute to their community. These programs never take place in homes or in a residential setting.  


These group interactions improve or maintain a person’s interpersonal and job-readiness skills, work abilities, dexterity, stamina, memory, personal safety,  self-help, communication, mobility, and other functional abilities and life skills. Day programs are typically 6 hours long, and Together We Shine will make arrangements for supervised motor transportation during activities or to and from activities. 

Host Home Support

Living in a home setting can be an excellent alternative to institutional and community-based housing. Our certified residential homes or other certified private homes provide a home-like setting with a family that offers support, supervision, training, and other assistance for adults with an intellectual disability or ABI. These host families can also provide support during the day and weekends to maintain the health and safety of the individual in their care. The goal is to give your loved one an opportunity to learn how to live as independently as possible fully participate in a community setting of their choosing, and to help avoid isolation. 


Our host families receive extensive orientation training. They will be completely aware of any medication needs, their effects, purposes and side effects, and include recording any self-administration of medications.  They will commit to watch for and help with dietary issues, receive multi-scenario emergency training and planning, commit to following the principles of appropriate community inclusion and natural support development. They will be alerted of issues related to eating or other healthcare needs, preferences regarding non-negotiable routines, and any significant or important-to-know functional limitation or disabling conditions. Host families will know the key elements of the American With Disabilities Act, understand PCSP development and support the person’s preferred recreational and leisure activities.  In summary, the family will be trained on all critical info related to the new individual in their care, and be provided resources to help them understand and follow the extensive list of policies and procedures and guidelines outlined through the DHS and DSPD.


Together We Shine audits the situation in the home every 30 days of placement and monthly moving to ensure compliance with our high-quality standards as it relates to safety and fit, where the host family and the participant are genuinely happy with the arrangement.


There is never more than three participants per home except with written approval from the DHS/DSPD, two participants could be assigned to a given home. The HHS program is currently only available to persons with intellectual disabilities that are 18 years or older. 

Professional Medication Monitoring by a Registered Nurse (RN)

If your loved one needs medication, we will ensure during our day programs that we provide one-to-one medication monitoring, laboratory testing and Licensed Practical Nurse (PM1) services. Together We Shine's RN will monitor the medication prescribed the individual with disabilities by a physician or health care professional.  The RN will provide incidental training to other staff, so they too are aware of the medication needs of every participant. As a natural part of caring for individuals with disabilities, we will be in tune with the health of participants which would include any impressions regarding the efficacy or any adverse reactions to a prescription. We will always contact the legal guardian, if there is any concern regarding the participants health.

Personal Budget Assistance (PBA)

As a separate service we provide quarter hour and daily one-to-one support with financial matters. One of our goals is to help the individuals in our programs to become as independent as possible.  This includes becoming as financially independent as possible. For some, this means daily consultation as it relates to financial matters. For the most part, we will help manage most areas where the individual is unable.  This may include: providing supervision of financial resources, savings, retirement, earnings, check writing, budget management, tax, fiscal record keeping, filing and fiscal interaction on behalf of the individual with disabilities.  In some circumstances, we act as a representative payee, conservator or the person’s voluntarily appointed personal funds manager. 


Our staff responsible for the administration of this program will have all the necessary financial training and be required to meet our detailed standards of accurate recording and reporting on their financial stewardship.  An accounting of every transaction will be reviewed and audited .They will also be held accountable for the principles and guidelines we have outlined. All of which can be shared in further detail, if this service is of interest.