About Together We Shine

Serving Families in Utah, Salt Lake, Davis & Weber Counties

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Together We Shine takes the time and care necessary to make the best possible match between the needs and personality of our special need clients, and the personality and capacity of the families they will live with.  We love working with families and individuals that match our passion and love for providing a fully integrated and fulfilling life for adults in our communities who have need of greater care. 


We work with the Utah State Department of Health Services (DHS) and the Division of Services for People with Disabilities (DSPD)  to ensure we comply with all applicable training and licensing with federal and state laws. We have obtained all necessary general liability and transportation insurances, and hold our partners and families responsible for compliance with the DHS-DSPD regulations as well.  


We pride ourselves on our ability to find, qualify, and train host families and day service providers to be able to provide quality care for individuals with disabilities. This includes ensuring individual emergency and continuity plans are in place for any scenario that is a concern, including any concerns that a family member may have for those within the care of one of our families, such as unique allergies and medication schedules.  We advocate for effective interventions based on empirically derived data taken by our behaviorists and make service and satisfaction of all involved our #1 priority.  We also follow all HIPAA laws and take the privacy and confidentiality of our families very seriously. 

Meet Our Team

Gabe and Heidi Founders of Togther We Shine LLC; Services that match People with Disabilities with Host Homes Families and Caregivers with Respite Care

Heidi Bernal


Gabe Bernal


Mission Statement

”To find placements for adults with disabilities that are comfortable in and can have the best value of life"


Core Values

Team Work, Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Inspiration, and Independence. 


Vision Statement

To enrich the lives of those with disabilities with a quality environment, independent living skills and goals that help them grow.  We also will create activities where everyone in our company feels included and part of a loving community.

Your Feedback Is Important to Us

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